Work for Good

Helping people in need is something we always believed in and its one of our founding pillars. As we are starting to grow, SANYRA will be donating 5% of each purchase to selected charity organizations. 

For 2019, here are the two organizations we will be contributing to:


1) USA for UNHCR

Generally we think UNCHR is doing great work, their mission is something we also believe in. From helping people under crisis with relief efforts to providing them education.


2) 'Yemen Crisis'

The war in Yemen is having a disproportionate impact on Yemeni women and girls, who are exposed to increased risk of violence, exploitation and abuse while having a harder time accessing basic health care, including maternal and child health. We want to provide any help we can to the people of Yemen in this uncertain times.


So please help us with the effort. 5% of each purchase will be donated to these 2 Organizations to help the people in need around the world - from giving them food, education, medicine and emergency relief to providing them economic opportunity to settle and have a future.